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DMD, Doctor of Dental Medicine, Indian Woman

January 7, 2013

My path to XXXX University began at a tender age.  As a little girl, I had a profound overbite, and lost an adult incisor in a playground accident.  The first dentist I saw replaced my lost tooth with a temporary crown that quickly yellowed.  Later, in middle school, I saw an orthodontist who set my braces and referred me to a good dentist who replaced my temporary crown with a permanent.  By 16, my dental problems were largely rectified, leaving me with increased self-esteem, self-efficacy, and more importantly, wanting to do the same for others through a career in dentistry.  Moreover, I have a passion for science, working with my hands and in direct patient compassionate care.  Dentistry combines all three elements into one truly rewarding profession.  Through XXXX DMD program, I will be able to bring my ideals for the future to fruition, serving communities as a dentist whom people feel comfortable in going to for dental care.

 A dentist is a role model and entrusted servant of the community.  I feel that reaching out at volunteer clinics within the US and in emerging nations, bringing dental care to those who cannot afford preventative medicine or simply lack access through such organizations as Dentists without Borders is imperative.  Already, I have been involved in community-level volunteering.

 I bring with me to XXXX’s student body a great deal of professional exposure earned through actively seeking out and procuring experiences in the field.  Working at XXXX Cancer Institute as a lab technician confirmed my passion for science, working in a hands-on environment where I polished my finer motor skills through cell passaging, PCR and other responsibilities.  Moreover, XXXX allowed me to interact with patients who had been recently diagnosed with cancer.

 Volunteering and observing in a dentist’s office, I gained exposure to numerous procedures; preparation, temporization and implant support crowns, amalgam and composite restorations, alginate impressions and scaling and root plain.  A dental practice is also a business and the successful dental practice exposed me to this side of dentistry, how to market the business and other lessons that will aid in my own practice.  Observing a dentist at work, I have seen what skills and attributes are needed to provide the optimal care, such as hand-eye coordination, and spatial assessment.  For years, I have been an active sculptor, and have a deft and dexterous hand.  Practicing my art has developed my manual stamina, frequently spending hours on just one sculpture.

 Anatomy and Physiology classes provided an exciting coupling of theory with practicum through animal dissections.  For the past four years, I have maintained an excellent academic performance, even retaking courses and adjusting my study strategies in order to achieve optimal results.  I never learned time management skills in the classroom; instead, I have learned them through balancing full-time work, my volunteer dental observership and my classes to support my DMD program.

 While I was born in America, my heritage is Asian Indian, and lived in India for one year, giving me a worldview that is quite different from my peers.  I have an ability to interact effectively with people of differing backgrounds and am particularly sensitive to the needs of minorities.  In practical terms, my ability to speak three languages proficiently, and development of a fourth, will allow me to reach out to patients in their arterial language, increasing their comfort irrespective of culture or socioeconomics.  This is of critical importance, especially given the influx of diverse people into the US healthcare system.

 Keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field of dentistry is just as important as being able to speak intelligently about the subject.  Attending this year’s Yankee Dental conference gave me further insights through lectures, and exhibits of technological innovations.  Interacting with practicing dentists, quizzing them about their profession, I received feedback that also confirmed my choice of university.  Several of the dentists I approached had studied at XXXX, and explained how their experiences had been truly positive and beneficial in preparing for their careers.

 XXXX’s XXXX program stood out to me from the background noise of other dental schools.  The intensive practical aspect for the first two years provides a breadth and autonomy of curriculum that no other school can provide.  I look forward to my immersion in Goldman’s DMD program and gaining a place in the only field that has brought me the greatest personal and professional satisfaction.

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