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PHD Medical Physics, Turkish

December 30, 2012

For as long as I can remember, I have been good at math and science, and have had a fascination with computers, electronics, always wondering not just how they worked, but how they could be improved.  This passion for computers and electronics fueled my academic career.  I have been consistently amazed by our progress over the years, how information that was originally thought to be invisible, even theoretical, such as the interior structure of metal, or incredible insights into the complexities of the human body is now a reality, with applications as far reaching as investigating outer space; the multiverse.

The Department of Med Physics at XXXX University is the ideal environment in which to develop my doctoral research in the area of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy.  Much more than this, I seek to uncover, and bring to fruition newer, better designed techniques for the field of not only medical imaging, but interventional medicine, and oncology; non-invasive medicine.  The Med Physics Department stood out in my search for quality education and access to facilities and research opportunities to support my MRI instrument design pursuits.  Not only this, but Dr. XXXX is counted among the faculty, a national if not world leader in MRI research.  This exposure to advanced technologies and association with my education and research will make me more than just another alumnus, but an exceptionally well-trained medical physicist.

 The field of medical physics is truly multidisciplinary and I bring with me a diverse academic and professional background that lends itself perfectly to the program of study.  During my graduate Physics program, I completed courses that were designed and required for the Ph.D. Physics program, carefully planned and executed innovative experiments, and consistently sought out opportunities to enhance my research abilities and experiences.  Indeed, my background in computer science, electronics, and solid foundation in Physics, as well as my unwavering graduate research experiences lend themselves perfectly to an academic program and professional path steeped in research. 

 More than this, I have seven years of teaching experience, focusing on the subjects of Physics, Math and Geometry, work which has kept my education and passion for the sciences alive, and my skills sharp.  I give back to my community, too, and have trained many young people for the national Science Olympiads, ensuring the future of creative scientific thought.  As a part of T.E.A.C.H. high school, I also sponsor a chess club and SAT Math prep.  There is a distinct need to develop the analytical and critical thinking skills of youth, and this is how I play my part, and contribute to our future.

 Many universities embrace the fact that diversity is key for the educational experience.  As an international student, and permanent resident, I feel I will be an excellent reflection of this need, and an instrument for aiding the cultural competency of the student body of UW.  In university, I was president of the student-run, “Diversity and Tolerance Organization”.  I have always striven to impress this on the people around me, for awareness, and appreciation of the rich tapestry of people the US represents.  It was here, too, that I developed my leadership abilities, the ability to be task-oriented, and time management skills.  In point of fact, all of these skills were needed when my wife and I led seven students and faculty from Auburn University, Alabama on an educational trip to my homeland of Turkey, and more recently to Germany and Turkey with four high school students.

 Upon graduating, I anticipate my future will lead me back to Turkey.  As a doctor of medical physicist, I will be able to offer my services to either an industrial or research facility.  I aim to seek out and develop practical applications of medical physics for the promotion of oncology research endeavors in my country.  More than just serving the needs of a promising research field, I will be well versed in the maintenance of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, serving the needs of patients, and participating in the amelioration, preservation and extension of their lives.  For me, there is no greater contribution that I could make, and no field I could gain more personal or professional satisfaction.

 I look forward to the challenge and opportunity to develop myself as a creative leader for medical physics and the medical research it supports.  Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated and I eagerly await a personal interview.

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