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MedPeds Residency Pediatric Medicine, Russian

January 1, 2013

As a girl growing up in Kazan, I was encouraged from an early age to utilize to the fullest extent my inherent gifts.  My town, a millennia-old Russian city and heart of my Tatar heritage, features a massive university complex, and the town emanates culture, education and modernity simultaneously.  This coupled with my parents’ engineering education has added to my excelling in every academic venture I have undertaken, adopting my parents’ standards of how to conduct yourself in life, to be disciplined, persistent in your pursuits and above all to work hard at everything you do.  Moreover, I have an inquisitive nature, and enjoy challenges and mysteries and resolved to take on the intellectual challenges medicine offered and dedicate my life to its pursuit.

I have reached a point in my career where I am eager to embark upon a Pediatrics residency assignment, with the aim of eventually completing a fellowship in gastroenterology, ideally pediatric, as well.  This will pave my way to eventually opening my own practice in Maryland, serving my unique little patients, to get well, feel better and lead happier lives.  To decrease a child’s suffering, prevent suffering or save a life is all I have ever wanted.  I can think of no greater truth to find, nor greater contribution to society I could make.

 By increasing my familiarity with the US healthcare system, progressive diagnostic and treatment technologies, I will be exposed to a system that is renowned worldwide as being the ideal.  This will, in fact, build logically and naturally on my own doctoral foundation from Russia.  With a good clinical background in in-patient as well as outpatient practice, I have been able to keep my clinical skills sharp and current.  Working in different set-ups both under-resourced and well equipped has given me the ability to work under a variety of circumstances and adapt rapidly, to think on my feet.  Challenges like these, only stimulate my need for more, and I have always been instinctively attracted towards Pediatrics, perhaps the most complex and fascinating subject I have ever encountered.  What is more, my aunt’s example, as a gastroenterologist has shown me that this is a specialty I would thoroughly enjoy.  Indeed, my family is genetically prone to such complaints and I used to treat my own family members.

 I bring with me to the residency assignment a foundation in pediatrics from having completed my medical degree in Pediatrics, a one-year internship in Pediatrics and having worked as a licensed Pediatrician for a year in the same hospital I completed my residency in, as well as practicing my services in a community walk-in clinic.  At this time, I would like to explain that my work as a medical representative for a pharmaceutical company was a move I made due to the very poor salaries for doctors in Russia.  The work was more of a means to an end, and did not bring me the same level of personal or professional satisfaction as my medical career.  While I came to the US with my American husband, the opportunity to serve the community and continue my medical career is incredibly exciting to me, and I look forward to the challenges with great eagerness.

 Furthermore, I am no stranger to research work, and working within a team of researchers, as well as exposure to areas of study slightly different from my chosen field.  Our work, a double-blind therapy, focused on the study of fosinopril in the treatment of hypertension.  We did find that patients with mild to moderate hypertension responded well.  While this work differs from my own chosen field, the experiences and skills learned will translate fluidly and easily to my own area of focus.

 In anticipation and preparation for my residency assignment, I have completed my USMLE Step 1 in CS and CK and will complete Step 2 by the end of July.  Additionally, I have volunteered at the ER in Carroll Hospital Center of Westminster, Maryland, acting as a patient advocate.  I have been truly impressed by the quality of medical care available here and am enthusiastically awaiting my chance to display my love of compassionate care.

 The lecture halls of America’s universities are only increasing their representation of diversity, and I will continue this reflection in my medical studies.  Coming from Russia, I represent Tatars, a unique and proud cultural heritage within Russia’s borders.  In the most practical sense, my exposure to differing cultures in Russia, travels and ability to speak two languages have given me the capability of communicating effectively with people from many backgrounds and creeds.  This skill will aid me invaluably in reaching out to my patients in a healthcare system that will undoubtedly feature people with myriad heritages.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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