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Residency in Neurology, Parkinson’s, MS

November 4, 2015

At the end of my internships, I considered the different specialties to which I had been exposed and concluded that my work on the Neurology ward had been the most satisfying and was the place in which I felt that I had been most effective. Apart from an academic interest in neurological conditions, I found that I had a facility to soothe and reassure Neurology patients who are often very distressed and anxious, especially upon admission.

On one occasion, I had been delegated by my very busy program director to counsel a young stroke patient who had just been admitted. I was given a brief explanation of the patient’s condition and then met the patient.  He was extremely distressed, anxious and agitated. He had a wife and young child and his main concern was that he would be unable to continue working to support them. I explained his problem, possible treatment options and the likely outcome; I gave preventative advice and I answered his many questions. By the end of my counseling, he had relaxed and finally smiled and thanked me. He made a full recovery. This event demonstrated the basic importance of educating patients about their problems in as much detail as they can grasp. This educative role is especially important with Neurology patients and is a skill in which I excel.

I am very interested in the considerable research being undertaken into conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis, which are currently incurable. I hope to be involved in research and clinical trials and play a part in finding and applying new treatments for such conditions. I am very aware that the number of dementia patients is increasing at a substantial rate and that Neurologists will play a major role in attempts to deal with this significant and growing problem. I look forward to being involved in this vital area of work.

I undertook my Master’s in Public Health before going into residency at the suggestion of the Community Medicine professor at my medical school. It was an enriching experience; it has equipped me with invaluable knowledge about preventative medicine and also provided substantial familiarization with the medical environment in the US. I have also been able to ‘shadow’ five neurologists since January. This has been extremely informative and has fully confirmed me in my choice. I am now fully prepared to commence and complete a successful residency in Neurology. My ultimate goal is to become an excellent neurologist practicing, researching and teaching in a teaching hospital.

I have undertaken considerable, varied volunteer activity that demonstrates that I genuinely care about people and in improving their lives as far as it lies within my power. I would point out that some of this activity has provided experience that is directly relevant to my application; I am involved in the Deep Brain Stimulation program in the Department of Neurology, Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Division at the XXX University Medical Center and have acted as Clinical Research Co-ordinator at the VA Hospital, XXXX.

I know that there will be many well qualified applicants for residencies. However I believe that I am an exceptional candidate. My excellent academic record will provide reassurance as to my diligence and intelligence; I possess the personal characteristics and attitude required of a first class physician and neurologist, and I am eager to join a challenging and stimulating program in which I can assist in research. My main recommendation is my passion for my chosen specialty and a desire to provide excellent care to patients suffering from all kinds of neurological conditions.

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