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MSD Masters Orthodontics, Uzbekistan

December 28, 2012

Excellence and unrelenting academic fervor; my track record since entering university has been near-perfect.  Countless accolades, awards, scholarships and memberships with professional organizations abound in my academic career.  It is this driven need for excellence that I will bring to the field of Orthodontics.

 I am most excited by the way in which the field of Orthodontics is rapidly changing, developing along with technological develops that dramatically impact how patients are diagnosed as well as approaches to treatment.  Over the course of just the last eight years alone there have been tremendous changes: low force and low friction technologies, super-elastic nickel titanium wires and better bonding materials.  Coupled with this is the decreasing need for removing teeth due to better treatments being developed combined with better pain management.  I find these changing times exciting, and I love to immerse myself in the intellectual and technical challenges involved in research into clinical orthodontics.  I am particularly fascinated with how we can substantially alter the human face through growth alteration or with orthognathic surgery.  Compassionate care, kindness and a gentle hand have not changed, and I am practiced at all three.

 I look forward with great eagerness to beginning my career in the singularly most rewarding and enjoyable profession I can imagine.  Orthodontics is so much more than simply straightening teeth, as the Latin literally says.  I appreciate you field because orthodontists have the ability to alter the entire visage and confidence of a person, to make them feel comfortable in the skin they’re in.  On a daily basis, we deal with faces, we talk to faces, reading the body language of the head and mouth. Just as we change malocclusions, shape and encourage facial growth, we change lives.

 In my volunteer work, I have reached out to socio-economically depressed communities and the underprivileged, and educate children in the benefits and rewards of good oral hygiene.  Any doctor knows that prevention is better than cure, and what better way than starting with children.  With my unique background, having been born and raised in Uzbekistan, I have had the privilege of traveling to remote areas of my homeland and providing dental services at small local hospitals in rural areas.  Upon graduating, I intend to share the experiences and knowledge I have with the people of developing nations, probably my own home country, Uzbekistan.  I have seen first-hand the difficulties poor countries have in establishing modern health care systems. 

 Through an academic relationship with your school, I hope to be so much more than just a student, but an asset.  This is my life and chosen field.  My upbringing, the pride I have for my family, and my firmness about never squandering the talents that God has given me.  I am humbled by the thought that my talents will benefit individuals and through my research, society.  I appreciate your attention to my application.

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