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MD Medical School, Bosnia & Herzegovina

December 29, 2012

Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I have a heritage that is rich and beautiful. While many have forgotten my homeland hosting the 1984 Winter Olympics, they readily recall the war, a time when my country saw the worst side of humanity through religious and ethnic intolerance. With any heritage, we must take the good with the bad, learn from it, and become better people, evolving, and giving back to our communities. This is what I have done, and believe that through a career in medicine, I will be able to fulfill not only my heartfelt ambitions, but enjoy the rewards of compassionate care within the community I seek to serve.

Before I was fifteen, I had escaped war, lived, been educated in and visited numerous countries across two continents. A rich heritage is only as good as the person commanding it. Personal strength and your achievements are what make you, and your heritage then becomes your depth. With every step in these amazing places, despite the dizzying array of the individual histories, I have seen beyond their looking glasses, and see my path all the more clearly.

 Medical treatment in a patient’s first language puts them at ease, making them more involved in the treatment, and impresses the need to follow treatment regimens closely. Truly, from the time I was a child, I have acted as a translator for friends, my parents and other family members.  As an adult, I have had to translate in even more involved and technical areas such as insurance, and with legal issues.  Moreover, the combination of my translating for others and a thirty-credit academic load has given me excellent time management skills.  With my ability to speak six languages competently, combined with a diverse cultural background, I will be better equipped to aid my patients - and my colleagues’ patients - from many backgrounds, meeting their medical needs in their mother tongue.  It is my desire to serve the medical needs of my community, reaching out to them in their arterial languages and with a compassion born of having walked more than a mile in the shoes of the immigrant.  Having started over in so many places, and developing myself in the face of adversity and intolerance, I feel that I am not only a survivor, but truly adaptable, flexible and blessed to have had the experiences that I have had. 

 Given the work that I have done to prepare for my medical educations and proven abilities over and above the academic experience, I feel that I am a strong candidate for a medical program.  I do not believe that my MCAT is an accurate reflection of the seriousness with which I have approached and completed my pre-med work, nor does it reflect the mature and responsible person, with medical, laboratory and volunteer experiences and community interaction abilities that I have today. 

 Indeed, I have volunteered in several nursing homes and assisted living centers for the developmentally disabled and have worked in several hospitals in different departments such as Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Laboratory, Internal Medicine, & Psych-Unit. Within these different areas I have performed an assortment of patient care services and assisted multidisciplinary teams of doctors and nurses, developing my ability to work, maturely and at times, under pressure.  These rich and varied experiences have convinced me of my future in medicine, contributing to the lives of people.  I have never experienced anything more gratifying than helping others in this manner.  More than these experiences, I have completed a number of basic science courses at the graduate level and sharpened and refined my education by tutoring students in Microbiology, Neuroanatomy, Gross Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

 It is my belief that medical doctors are more than just the trustees of the public’s health needs, but are in fact community leaders.  To this end, there is a need for doctors to give back, and reach out, even beyond their communities.  My medical aspirations include conducting medical mission work to developing nations.  In this great information aid, I hear of places where governmental subsidies do not reach, and places where they do reach but barely scratch the surface of need.  By allying myself with non-profit groups, I will be able to affect change in the most deprived areas on the planet.  More than simply offering a caring hand, I will be able to impart to the poor, sick and needy that they are never alone, that there are always people like myself and other doctors upon whom they can count for their healthcare needs.

 For the future, I am intent upon conducting research in the areas of immunology and hematology.  Oncology and neurology hold a particular personal interest for me, not simply for observing how cancer cells behave in certain cellular environments, but one of my closest friends has 4th stage breast cancer.  By conducting research into cellular regeneration, cancer and immune response, and free radicals, I will be able to better aid in the development of more effective healing paradigms in the treatment of oncology patients.  The ideal situation would be to work part of the time within an active hospital while maintaining a specialized practice.

 The prospect of medical school is incredibly exciting to me.  This is my field, where I feel fulfilled and aim to leave my mark in.  I am intent upon filling my time, my life, with being the best medical care provider, promoter of healthy lifestyle choices, and researcher.  Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated and I eagerly await a personal interview.

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