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MSD Periodontics, Middle East

December 29, 2012

For sixteen years I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my academic and professional career.  Having lived, been educated in and worked in the US, Sudan, and KSA, as well as attending dental seminars in Egypt and Jordan, even an exchange program with Ireland, I feel that I have developed not only the ability to speak two languages fluently, but the ability to interact effectively with people from a multitude of cultural backgrounds. 

 As a dental professional, there is a need to have respect and appreciation for people, irrespective of where they come from, or what they believe in.  Moreover, I believe that in order to serve our patients best, there is a need to communicate clearly, in language that is easy to understand, so you put them at ease.  When you have the trust of the patient, there is a greater chance of them following through with regimens, and understanding the importance of preventative care.  Furthermore`, a dentist is a member of a multidisciplinary team, and I feel that I get along well with my team members, that we complete our work in a manner that is fluid and efficient.

 The differences between particularly Sudan, KSA and the US are profound in terms of my dental training and working experiences.  In the US, aside from the cultural differences, there are more advanced technologies and simply greater access to resources; vast by Sudanese standards.  I have developed an appreciation for the American health care system.  While these experiences were diverse in terms of sophistication and practices, both were equally enjoyable and relevant to my development as a dental professional.  It has left me more flexible and adaptable to set-ups that were well-equipped versus those that are lacking, developing my confidence and the ability to think on my feet.

 Indeed, my experiences in Sudan left me fully appreciating the need to reach out to those who lack preventative dental health care.  After graduation, I was a part of a team that traveled to different parts of Sudan, targeting the underserved communities, providing free dental services, oral screening, oral hygiene instructions, prophylactic perionotal treatments, handing out tooth brushes and toothpaste, simple fillings, simple extractions, dispensing antibiotics, mouth rinses, and more.  I was left feeling that there is a need to reach out to people with a helping hand, not necessarily a hand outstretched for payment. 

 I have reached a point in my career where I feel that I have exhausted every avenue of challenge and development at my current level of education.  While I have been involved in the prevention and treatment of perio diseases, I have a great deal more to offer.  Through an academic relationship with Mercy School, studying Periodontics, I can affect change that much more, not just for my own ambitions and professional satisfaction, but reducing the incidence of periodontal diseases that affect three in four in America alone.  Even more importantly, I will be able to help attack the link between bacterial endocaditis and pre-term low birth-weight neonates.  In preparation for my future academics, I hold a certificate of clinical research from XXXX College of Dentistry which has laid an excellent foundation in scientific thinking, grant and protocol writing, clinical trial designing, literature review, data analysis, and more.

 Completing my Masters in Periodontics, I would then be able to bring my future plans to fruition.  I anticipate entering into clinical research of Periodontal diseases, participating in different community dental services, and becoming a part of the dental educational system, educating tomorrow’s burgeoning dental professionals.  Classrooms are only becoming increasingly diverse in terms of the cultures they represent, and given my years of international dental experience, I feel that I would have a great deal to offer a classroom of such diverse students.

 The prospect of attending XXXX School is incredibly exciting to me.  This is my field, where I feel fulfilled and aim to leave my mark in.  I take advantage of opportunities whenever they present themselves and am intent upon filling my time, my life, with being the best dental professional, promoter of healthy lifestyle choices, educator and researcher.  There are countless opportunities in the field of Periodontics, and standing in the middle of it, one cannot see its edges.  Through a relationship with XXXX School, I can help make that field even larger.

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