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Graduate Certificate, Supply Chain Management

January 3, 2013

Increase my understanding of Supply Chain Management issues will allow me to affect critical changes for my company’s future and turning to XXXX University’s Graduate School of Business Administration is the next logical step.  Moreover, the applicability, autonomy, scope and convenience of the graduate Supply Chain Management program makes XXXX the ideal choice of school.

 The SCM program will enable me to bring some specific goals I have for my company to fruition including: expanding operations and customer base to include a more global catchment area; conduct research to uncover products that reflect prospective client needs; and viable and sustainable methods for expanding the company.  Moreover, I am certain there are ways to optimize current costs of logistics and international marketing.  In the broader sense, I envision making my company a leader in its industry by optimizing certain integral components of operations including managing repairs, customer service, inventory management, end of life manufacturing, and efficient returns processing.  Indeed, for over a decade, my company has enjoyed a good level of success, but I have been left wanting to do more, and at the next level.  Building on this successful foundation, and given the recent prospect of global economic recovery, the time has never been more apt to enter into higher education, develop myself further, and apply contemporary SCM theory to address the new direction for my company. 

 Utilizing my foundation in electrical and computer engineering, MBA in IT, and analytical skills, I have grown exponentially in industry.  Beginning as a part-time employee with ETS, in just a few years, I became its vice president and part owner, have been instrumental in quadrupling its annual revenues in eight years time, and oversaw its national expansion through obtaining customer accounts such as Dell, Apple and various OEM factories in Asia.  Building on the success of ETS, I have built Cefiore, a franchising company with 40 locations worldwide, earning a Top-500 franchising rank in 2008.

 Northeastern is my sole choice for scholastic development.  I bring to the student body not only years of practical experience in the international field, but also a high level of cultural competency, not to mention my ability to speak two languages and development of a third.  Coming to America from South Korea at the age of 15, I developed a worldview that was unique, coupled with a strong appreciation for the diversity America reflects.  I have lived through the acculturation process, have “walked a mile” in the shoes of the immigrant, and this has enabled me to be able to communicate effectively with people of differing cultures and creeds.  This ability is critical in international partnering, and consulting, but equally applicable to the academic setting.  No other skill is timelier as international markets are made increasingly accessible.  Indeed, I have put this skill to good use in my career, by immersing myself in business situations in the US, South Korea, China and collaboration with Australian firms.

 I look forward to the opportunity and challenge of XXXX’s SCM program.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

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