Great Accomplishments in Medical School

Medical breakthroughs are made every day across the world, but what are some of the most profound advancements in the most recent years that could change the way we treat medical conditions? Here are a few of the most incredible medical discoveries of the past five years!

3-D Printed Body Parts

3D printing has been heralded as an exciting new technology for fields like consumer goods and manufacturing. But what’s not so widely known is the fact that scientists have successfully created human body parts from 3D printing!

In 2013, researchers from Cornell University managed to print an outer ear that works just like and resembles a real ear. Other researchers reproduced blood vessels using similar processes.

Wake Forest University researchers were able to print skin cells onto wounds to encourage quick healing. A San Diego company called Organovo has committed to printing a human liver in 2016, though they did say that the synthetic organ would only be used in laboratories to aid medical research, not for transplants.

Gene therapy

While gene therapy technology is still in experimental stages, there has been progress for the application of the therapy in treating blood cancers like leukemia.

Other recent breakthroughs have suggested that gene therapy could reverse other types of cancers like breast cancer. There’s some promise that gene therapy could one day be used to eliminate the need for traditional cancer treatments altogether.

Gut-Bacteria-Based Treatments

Amazingly, scientists have discovered that the mix of bacteria or microbes in our digestive system could affect how our brain functions and the way we think, as well as a potential link between obesity and the mix of gut bacteria in our bodies.

The medical field is only just beginning to understand to degree to which gut bacteria affects human health, but gut-bacteria may one day be used as part of possible treatments for diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease as well as common allergies and cancers.

Cancer Therapies

The field of cancer therapies has also seen some breakthroughs thanks to a better understanding of cancer fingerprinting.

Cancer fingerprinting is a new approach to deciding how to treat specific cases of cancer: every incidence of cancer has a unique “flavor” or fingerprint, and cancer fingerprinting allows medical staff to analyze the mutated genes of tumors and understand how sensitive specific incidences of cancer will be to different types of chemotherapy.

Additionally, there have been advances in cancer immunotherapy, which treats cancers by boosting the body’s immune system instead of removing or targeting the tumor cells through surgery or chemotherapy.

The Bionic Eye

In 2013, Second Sight, a California-based company, received approval from the US government to start marketing its bionic eye, which uses a camera set into the user’s glasses.

This camera transmits electrical messages wirelessly, into the user’s retinal implant. While the bionic eye doesn’t fully restore normal vision, it does enable certain patients to attain a greater level of vision, or even see color when they previously couldn’t.

Hormones for Heart Treatment

There is positive news for patients at risk of heart failure: while around a quarter of patients hospitalized for this heart condition do not live long beyond a year after their hospitalization, a new drug holds the promise to change that.

Serelaxin, a synthetic version of the hormone relaxin, has boosted survival rates in the patients tested by 37 per cent. The drug dilates the blood vessels and has an anti-inflammatory impact on the system.

Fecal Transplants

Fecal transplants have now been used to successfully treat people infected with C. difficile, a type of infectious diarrhea that causes 15,000 deaths each year.

Fecal transplants involve the removal of good bacteria and transplanting it to the patient’s colon, and while the idea of taking someone else’s fecal matter into your own body may seem off-putting, the process has the potential to save thousands of lives!

Cure for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a potentially fatal disease that causes 12,000 deaths every year and around 30 per cent of people who have it cannot be cured.

Those who are cured undergo a heavy anti-viral-drug treatment program that lasts for nearly a year and which is associated with major side effects, but now that a new drug, Sofosbuvir, has been manufactured, the cure rate could increase dramatically, helping patients avoid the extended treatment period. Sofosbuvir has a 95 per cent cure rate and a treatment program lasting just 12 weeks.

Seizure Stoppers

Around 50 million people around the world suffer from epilepsy. The disease can have a debilitating effect on people’s lifestyles. But a new invention, the NeuroPace, could make life a lot easier for epileptics.

Sensors implanted into the brain automatically send electrical pulses that counter the onset of seizures, preventing the seizures from occurringaltogether.

Cluster headaches – commonly known as “suicide headaches” – are some of the most painful headaches, and researchers are the Cleveland Clinic may be close to an effective, practicable treatment for the condition.

Doctors successfully implanted a small device behind the upper jaw of patients recently. The device can be operated via remote control. It sends electrical pulses outward in the patient’s head, reducing the impact of headaches.

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