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Statements of Purpose in Religious Studies

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With My Son Davy Dylan

Many people point to the regrettable negative influence of religion over the centuries. It’s sad to behold, but it’s also challenging to present an unbiased view of the accomplishments of religious studies!

However, in this post, we will try and do just that. Here are a few of the main accomplishments according to yours truly:

  • Religion has preserved numerous historical documents by recycling material for holy manuscripts, thereby allowing us access to documents we have no other copies of, such as the Archimedes Palimpsest.
  • Religion has also preserved writing and intellectual inquiry in Western Europe after the collapse of Roman administration, as well as providing a means by which individuals more inclined to intellectual pursuits could escape the violent world around them. What more, monasteries preserved libraries of both holy books and ancient writings. This eventually led to the reestablishment of dedicated universities and encouraged exploration and early scientific inquiry.
  • The lead up to the Protestant Reformation spawned an interest in learning Classical Greek and Latin in order to read the "original" versions of the Bible, which in turn led to a large increase in the number of people able to access the works of Classical thinker and writers. It additionally helped to revive interest in the Roman Empire, the Hellenistic world, and Classical Greece.
  • In the Islamic world, religion actually helped push for universal education. In some instances, the only education considered vital was the Qur'an. However, often the works of Greek, Roman, Persian, and other intellectuals were included, creating a vibrant scientific community that developed the concept of Algebra, introduced the concept of zero to European mathematics, and created an early push for hospitals and medical inquiry into the body and causes of disease.
  • In China, Confucianism became part of the development of orderly civil administration and an integral part of a civil exam system that endured for nearly 1300 years. This is one of the earliest examples of a true dedicated bureaucracy as we understand it today.
  • Final del formularioPrincipio del formularioChristianity was also actually extremely progressive compared to contemporary society around the first century AD here. The idea that everyone was equal was radical in those time! This was an era of divine monarchs and absolute power. Turn the other cheek? Contemporary logic tended to adhere to the view that "If a man does not strike first, he will be the first struck" - Athenogoras of Syracuse. So from our perspective it may seem like a backwards belief, but in its day, it was truly cutting edge! It spread so quickly amongst the underclass, the poor, slaves and women for good reason!—it was a faith for the dispossessed in a society that considered them less than dirt.