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Some of the great accomplishments in this field involve not getting the two mixed up. Because Spanish and Portuguese are so similar, right? Or are they….

“They look similar!” I can already hear you say. “Look, just change the end, and constitución becomes constituiçãoTodo is tudu; bien is bemlengua is linguaidioma is idioma. They do kind of look just like dialects of the same language, wouldn’t you say?

Now, they are not nowadays. Portuguese and Spanish are currently quite different; you can’t learn one and expect to function effortlessly in the other, for example.

Portuguese sounds are very different from Spanish ones, as are the two languages’ vocabularies. And you could be talking about any variety of present-day Portuguese and Spanish: there’s Argentine Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, for starters, and Canary Islands Spanish and Guinean Portuguese, not to mention the regional differences between Portuguese and Spanish dialects within Portugal and Spain themselves.

But once upon a time, yes: Portuguese and Spanish were, basically, dialects of the same language. That language was Latin! Hundreds of years later, however, Portuguese and Spanish have grown apart.

Iberian siblings

Spain and Portugal presently occupy almost all of the Iberian Peninsula: that spit of land that sticks out of Western Europe just below France. (The tiny Principality of Andorra sits snug along the border of Spain and France, ensconced in the embrace of the Eastern Pyrenees.)

The Iberian Peninsula is where Portuguese and Spanish were ‘born’ (if languages can actually be born…) and it is also the main reason why Portuguese and Spanish are much closer to each other than to the other major Romance languages: they developed in relative isolation.

But Portuguese and Spanish were not the first languages on the Peninsula, nor are they those first languages’ descendants: they come from a very different place!