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CRNA Program, Nurse from the UAE

April 14, 2016

Since I finished high school in the UAE in computer programming and IT, it has been my goal to become first a nurse and then a CRNA. Shortly after graduation, I immigrated to the US, in January of 2003.  The only people that I new in the US when I came here were my grandmother and uncle who were liv…

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Undergraduate Nursing, BSN, Career Change

November 21, 2014

Your especially distinguished nursing program at XXXX is my first choice for study towards the BSN degree for a variety of reasons, particularly your explicit focus on diverse student populations, which attracts me as Korean woman who adores diversity. At 32 years old, the decision to become a nurse…

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DNP-NA Nursing Practice, Nurse Anesthesia

November 21, 2014

Having completed an undergraduate degree in Flute Performance, I like to think that my background in music has helped me to cultivate creativity, dedication, perseverance, and to learn to prioritize at an early age—all qualities that have been instrumental so far to my success in nursing. Adaptable,…

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IM Residency, Ukraine, Community Hospital

December 31, 2012

We never forget where we come from, our beginnings however humble, the precious few years of our childhood that define who we are – truly are – at heart.  As a child growing up in Kiev, I remember sitting at my grandmother’s knee, watching as she injected herself with insulin.  I promised her that s…

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